Why I.C.E. Certification is Important!

Increase consumer confidence by displaying the I.C.E. Certificate and the I.C.E. Logo.

Americans are increasingly aware of the value and importance of their personal information. When consumers, clients or patients see your I.C.E. Certification and I.C.E. Logo displayed in your office and on your website, they will know that your company has taken extra steps in securing their private information.

  • Get Compliant

  • I.C.E. Certification will help your company to comply with the latest version of the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
  • Reduce Fines

  • I.C.E. Certification will help to reduce your company's fines and panalities, should one of your employees act inappropriately.
  • Attract Clients

  • I.C.E. Certification will help your company to attract new customers, by sending a clear message that you have helped to insure their personal data.
Getting I.C.E. Certified is simple. Sign up and take the 30-minute online course called, 10-Rules for Working in the Information Age. Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive your certification, as well as an I.C.E. Logo for your website.

Hardware solutions to privacy and security (as well as the many other topics covered by 10-Rules) is inadequate. Training your employees on the most important issues of computing and information technologies that can get them and your company into trouble is essential in today's computer-driven world. Empower your employees and reduce your risk profile.

  • Easy

  • Training can be easily accessed at any time from any place. Your employees do not have to take time from their jobs to take the course.
  • Effective

  • Through a 30-minute online program your employees will understand issues that can get them and your company into trouble.
  • Affordable

  • Depending upon the size of your organization, I.C.E. Certification can cost less than the price of a cup of coffee per employee.
  • FREE

  • For a limited time only, receive an I.C.E. corporate licence for free by becoming a sponsor in the I.C.E. for High School Program.
Get I.C.E. for FREE!

For a limited time only, receive a corporate licence for free by becoming a sponsor in the I.C.E. for High School Program.

Reasons to have I.C.E. Certification

Can I.C.E. help my company?
Yes! I.C.E. can significantly reduce your company’s risks and liabilities associated with common, everyday misuse of computing and information technologies. In keeping with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, companies that have developed an effective program for preventing offenses and have begun implementing the program prior to the offence are eligible to have fines and punishments reduced by over 95%.
How will I.C.E. impact my IT and HR Departments?
Only positively! I.C.E. training is an online program that relieves your IT Department from installing, maintaining, and updating the program on your computers. Moreover, tracking and testing are done online, so your HR Department is relieved of these responsibilities.
Are customers really interested in I.C.E. Certification?
Yes! Just ask executives at: Target, Home Depot, Michaels, Neiman-Marcus or White Lodging (which manages hotel franchises for chains such as Marriott, Hilton, and Starwood). In the case of Target, the credit card data breach effecting 110 million Target customers — hasn’t yet reached its final chapter. As customers seek to regain confidence in one of the nation’s largest retailers, Target's profits fell nearly 50% in its fourth fiscal quarter of 2013 (Forbes).

Information and Computer Ethics (I.C.E.) Certification shows your currrent and prospective customers that you have taken the extra step in protecting their personal data. In a world where everyone has become increasingly aware of the value of information and the problems that breaches in data security can cause, send the clear message that you and your company are taking the right steps in protecting data!

I.C.E. History

  •  Research
    Research and developmet of I.C.E. was made possible by grants from the National Science Foundation.
  •  Academic
    The original program was created as a semester-long course suppliment for computer science and computer engineering departments. Colleges and Universities purchasing the program include: MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Purdue, Darmouth, University of Illinois, and many more.
  •  Corporate
    10-Rules for Working in the Information Age, a 30 minute online program, was developed for businesses to comply with Federal Sentencing Guidelines and to reduce fines and penalites associated with computer and IT misuse.