Ways to display your Certification

Wall Plaque

Display your company's dedication to excellence through I.C.E. Certification. Your certificate measures 8.5" x 11" and is orientated horizontally.


We will provide you with a complete list of employees who successfully completed the training program, test scores, and certification expiration dates for your review to ensure accuracy, prior to delivery.


Window Decal

Our window decals help to improve your corporate image. Window decals can be displayed on your building, in your reception area, or individual employee office. The decals measure 4"x4".



Perhaps the most important way to inform your customers, clients, patients, etc. is to display the I.C.E. Certified Logo on your website. The logo will hyperlink to the I.C.E. Certified website ensuring all visitors that your employees have taken the 10-Rules training program and know how best to protect and secure their personal and private information.